Empowering Thoughts

When you are empowered, your perspective changes, and you embrace a new realization that achieving more is a simple change of thought patterns. “I can’t do it,” turns into “I can do all things if I believe in myself.” It’s not magic; it’s a mindset. You can change your mind. Remember, your thoughts are fuel and your most powerful tool to succeed in your life.
Empowerment causes you to think differently about what you may have determined to be unattainable in the past. New ideas and goals are embraced when you realize the only person who can stop you from doing anything you set your mind to is you. Your concept of yourself and the gifts you possess are no longer viewed as average or useless. Dormant dreams begin to feel like a fresh wind has blown over them, causing them to come alive in your heart. You begin to see more value in your uniqueness and even in the unfortunate situations of your past. Now, you know each experience is an element to a bigger picture. As you trust that your past pain has a purpose, the pieces of the puzzle come together. Empowering thoughts equal a fulfilled life.
Just as you can be given access to drive through a license, you are permitted to live in fulfillment. Guess what? You do not need permission to go after your dreams, achieve your goals, or make the necessary changes to remove the hindrances holding you back. Access is granted when you change your mind. There are keys that unlock the positive future you desire. At Think Right About You, we call them the 4R’s. The first R is for recalibrating negative thoughts. For the remainder of this month, be mindful of the negative thoughts entering your mind and taking root. Ask yourself a few questions:

1. Where did this thought originate?
2. Do I agree with it?
3. Am I willing to change it at this moment?
4. What is my new thought?
5. How can I embrace this new direction and implement a positive action?

Quickly go through these steps when you notice your mindset is negative and work through these steps. I encourage you to do this because it will be time well spent, and the extra steps begin the redirection in your mindset. How does that happen? One thought at a time.
It’s time to recalibrate your negative thoughts and take control of negative thinking.

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Be Well—


Coach Michelle