A New Beginning

Welcome to our new site at Think Right About You. There are new and exciting things happening as we launch into 2022. Amazingly, we have entered another year. Can you believe it? I always encourage my clients to look back over their shoulder to reflect on the previous year. We exited 2021 differently than when it first began. Even if you have not entered a specific arena or attained a particular goal, you are different. How can I be so sure? Because I know that every experience, good and bad, has changed you somehow. I believe that good and bad experiences can change you for the better. If we do not focus on the better, we will become bitter when things do not appear to be going our way. There is more than one way to get to a better situation. Despite detours, we must find the value in every redirection, revelation and determine the relevancy of what we have experienced. For example, heartbreak is relevant to finding out our perimeters and expectations in a relationship. This awareness of emotional pain causes us to recalibrate how we define a mate or a friend. Losing a job will open our eyes to proper savings, so we better evaluate our spending, just as delay will give us more time to prepare for what we have been desiring.
It’s Not Redundant
Although a new beginning sounds redundant, is it? Every new year is an opportunity to start again. As you can see, perspective is critical for a new year or a new beginning. This year you can make the necessary changes and adjustments to make 2022 even better than 2021. When negative perception lies within us, we can become complacent in our thought processes and prematurely determine that nothing will change. It is our job to tap into our self-progression. We can move forward with the right mindset. Your thoughts about where you are now will steer you where you are going. Our thoughts and our words drive our life. A positive internal dialogue will put you on the right track. Negative affirmations will not propel you forward but keep you tied to what you do not want. It’s time to move with the continual flow of improvement. What is improving? Where are you creating new continuums? When something undesirable happens, I challenge you to see it as an opportunity and not an obstacle. Obstacles are only obstinate if you see them that way. There is a way to get around it and to the other side of every roadblock we face. There are not any blocks, just mind-blocks to achieving your vision.
To stay positive and pursuant of all you desire, take on these three actions:
1. Gratitude
2. Goal-Setting
3. Grit
Begin each day and venture with gratitude for your past, present, and future. I believe thanksgiving enlarges your territory. Always be thankful for your experiences and take on every day with grit: perseverance, and tenacity with a plan to always bounce back


Coach Michelle