The beauty of who you are called to be is why I coach. I established Think Right About You to encourage women of all ages and backgrounds to step into the fullness of who they are to achieve their dreams powerfully. Mental Wellness Coaching is one of the best decisions you can make if you are ready to set goals to fulfill your purpose. My coaching process will help ensure you are living out your aspirations by utilizing effective personal development skills. In this partnership, you will develop your vision, maximize your potential and become all God created when you learn how to:

Recalibrate Negative Thoughts.

Reboot Your Confidence.

Reimagine Yourself.

Mental Wellness is not about stigma but self-love


Mental Wellness is foundational to a productive future because it equips you to handle the stresses of life proactively as opposed to in a reactive manner. At Think Right About You, a support system for personal, social and emotional success is easily available in the comfort of your home through a virtual technology session or phone calls. We will work together in a confidential and caring environment.

If you are committed to change, I can help determine why you are experiencing roadblocks to your destiny while showing you how to overcome your past pain, current problems, overwhelming challenges, and fears.

We can identify your aptitudes and abilities, organize your life while maximizing your time and increasing self-awareness. Personalized encouragement will help you move forward, and find the courage to embark upon a confident journey throughout life.

Mental Wellness affects many areas of life. In addition to our three core areas, I have worked with women on:

Finding Their Purpose Overcoming DiscouragementMarriage Issues – Starting a Business/Ministry –Workplace Conflict- Stress Management/Work Life Balance- Dating- College Success -Getting Over Past Pain

I’d love to talk to you and find out how I can help you live a more fulfilling life. Let’s schedule a complimentary consultation today to discuss the areas you want to improve in your life. I believe that now is your time!