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innately gifted, high-achieving women overcome imposter syndrome to live emotionally healthier and fulfilled lives. My Coaching Program, Confidently Me and Stress-Free, will help you increase your self-confidence which will improve your relationships and help you set healthy boundaries. You will be confidently authentic with a new sense of freedom and joy!

Are You:

-wanting to think right about yourself and improve your self-confidence, so you don't settle and build mutually beneficial and respectful relationships?
feeling inauthentic and secretly inept when it comes to your self-confidence, although people around you often comment on your ableness?
taking on too much to prove that you're worthy of love, respect, or acceptance but crash because of the overwhelm?
having trouble setting boundaries and embracing a balanced lifestyle?
battling negative, intrusive thoughts, and perfectionism hinders progress in certain areas of your life?
dealing with past traumas or letdowns that have caused you to become discouraged and distrustful of others?
empathetic but struggle to connect because your focus is more on doing than being in the moment?
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Come Out From Discouragement! Book available on Amazon.com

Come Out From Discouragement! Embracing Your Identity as God’s Daughter of Day is for the woman who senses she is on the verge of greater things. She knows there is more for her to do, but discouragement stands in the way. You will learn how to fight the fear of what is ahead and not focus on past disappointments. You will learn how to:

🔹 Embrace the love of God 

🔹 Conquer Self-Doubt 

🔹 Acknowledge Your Purpose 

🔹 Focus on the Future Instead of the
of the Past 

🔹 Be Productive with a Positive
     Mindset and more… 

What the Readers are Saying.

A Weapon for warriors

This book is a set-up for a comeback. A strategy for success and a weapon for warriors ! It fiercely declares victory. identity, and purpose for women of any age and of any ethnic or socio-economic background. For anyone seeking to live a fulfilling and complete life, this book vividly, but in plain language, leads the way in love, truth, and wisdom.


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