About Me

I love what I do!

You should believe in Y.O.U.-Your Own Uniqueness

I have the insight and ability to see my client’s potential and help them maximize it in their professional, personal, and entrepreneurial goals without intimidation or fear.


 I can help you reach your goals and maintain a healthy balance and the proper perspective about who you are, even during life’s difficult seasons. Together, we will break negative thought patterns so you can be your best self and improve your relationships, open up greater opportunities, and live more fulfilled.


I have a Master of Arts Degree in Counseling from West Virginia University. Our virtual sessions will be therapeutic and inspiring. 

You are called to influence and inspire others through your self-confidence and giftedness. It’s time to get unstuck. 

I will help you thrive in your purpose authentically. Let’s chat in a courtesy consultation. 


I Coach

So that I can empower women to be their best in all areas of life.

I Write

So that I can encourage others to hear the voice of God.

I Speak

So that I can remind you of who you are in Christ