My Story

I'm Michelle! I help women overcome obstacles and negative thoughts to live their purpose passionately.

My desire to help others started out when I was selected to be Natural Helper in junior high school. I loved to encourage others, but I never saw it as a gift. I have been thanked for my encouragement more times than I can count, and I have accepted that being an encourager is at the core of who I am. I desire to empower others to find their inner power, so it illuminates their lives. This realization will remove the fog that inhibits seeing who you are and finding your way.

The F.O.G. is the Fear of Greatness. I spent many years of my life walking in this fog, without clarity of about my uniqueness and calling. I was not thinking right about myself and struggled with self-esteem. So, the obstacle I had to overcome became my occupation. 


The most important thoughts you can think of are about yourself. Often, we think negatively and believe we are not worthy, capable, and define ourselves by our past. I believe every experience is a puzzle piece that connects to the bigger picture God is creating within us. I am committed to helping you avoid the blind spots that prevent you from seeing your value and the purpose you are called to fulfill while gaining a new perspective. As you think right about yourself, your life will change. 

God has given me the wisdom and keen insight to help women thrive and strategize through problem-solving and supporting their self-awareness. His voice in my life is my greatest asset and most valuable coaching tool. My Master of Arts in Counseling, social services background, Human Resources experience and time as an associate professor teaching success principles have prepared me to partner with and pour into you in a therapeutic environment, in a safe virtual setting. 

I look forward to working with you! 


I Coach

So that I can empower others to be their best.

We will:

-Remove blind spots so you can see your gifts, talents, and abilities

-Develop personal development skills to increase balance and productivity while decreasing stress and discouragement

-We will work together so you can successfully maneuver through life’s stresses and problematic situations with a plan to overcome and excel


You will:

Recalibrate negative thoughts about yourself and your life

-Reboot your confidence and increase your self-awareness, answering the why’s and the how’s to change

-Reimagine yourself with a new vision 

-Reemerge as your authentic self, empowered to live fulfilled and free!


After you complete my coaching program, you will:

-Know the strategies that will increase your success in the area you are struggling

-Have a new sense of clarity, confidence, and courage to be all God created you to be with boldness! 

I Write

So that I can encourage others.

I Speak

So that I can remind you of who you are