About Me

I love what I do!

I am called to coach because I see your potential and will help you maximize your  life. 

Because I am in mid-life, I know the mistakes we can make as women that keep us in a holding pattern because of unfruitful decisions and the need for more confidence. 

Together, we will break negative thought patterns so you can be your best self, improve your relationships, open up greater opportunities, and live more fulfilled without regrets.

It’s your time to go to the next level. Let’s make the necessary decisions so you don’t miss moments designed to transform your life. Whether you are a CEO, entrepreneur, employee, mom, or trying to find your place, there is another level of peace and joy available to you to live purpose-full and fulfilled without regrets.

I Write

So that I can encourage others to hear the voice of God.

I Speak

So that I can remind you of who you are in Christ