Happy International Women’s Month! Women Rock

No matter our nationality, shape or height, we rock. Women have accepted the assignment of being strong and sensitive simultaneously. We are the foundation for many and the safe place for our closest friends and family to call home. Our hearts are inviting to the pain of our sisters because we are encouragers by nature. We offer a shoulder to cry on and are a training ground for our children to grow up with the confidence to reach their goals. Our bosoms represent the nurturing we were created to give and the womb is the spiritual birthing place for our dreams and visions to come to life. You rock. You are a diamond and even when caught in rough places your endurance shines bright for others to see.
You are solid and God is bringing a consistency to your life of victory and accomplishment. As you believe that being exactly who God created you to be makes you fierce, you will focus and stay on course. Being a woman is a blessing because you were created to reproduce, not just through childbirth but through your talents and abilities. God knew you would have much to give and build so He commanded you to be fruitful and to multiply. As women, this is our season to rise to every occasion to give God our very best.
Women have fought for rights to be seen and noticed with equality throughout the years. We were not able to be held back because we have an internal insight that leads and guides us. We are strategist with persistence. We are not afraid to ask questions and find out what we don’t know all while connecting the dots. Not much gets past us because we see the enemy before he comes. We are aware of our issues that are slowing us down and keeping us out of the circles we are called to dwell in. We have a tendency to feel depression and low self-esteem trying to takeover and we quickly realize when something is wrong with ourselves or with others. Everyday we go forth, whether we feel like it or not, because we are women with rock solid faith that God will get us through if we trust Him.
Are you a woman? Are you willing to accept the mandate on your life to flourish in dry places, to bloom in the desert and to sparkle in the dusty places of life? Together, we can empower one another to win. As an empowerment coach, I want to remind you as we close out International Women’s Month, that
we R.O.C.K with:
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Coach Michelle