7 Biggest Mistakes Women Make

7 Biggest Mistakes Women Make When Trying to Overcome Low Self-Confidence and Stress

#5 is a Biggie!
“I help women who are ready to increase their self-confidence so they can use their gifts to make an impact and live a fulfilling life without fear, doubt, or stress.”
-Michelle Brown.

Are you ready to come out of the shallow waters of low self-confidence and stress about trying to please others while you want to be authentic without battling imposter syndrome? You can navigate deeper waters, but you never will if you don’t get off the shore of where you are right now. The ‘right now’ in your life should be appreciated but not tolerated if you are unhappy. Do you feel there is more for you in life? When you are not confident in yourself, you create stress. Why? Because you are always worried about being enough, doing enough, saying the right thing, and the opinion of other people. No matter how much success you have in life, there is more for you. I am a potentialist at heart, so I am always helping my clients maximize their capacity.

Did you know ‘thinking right about you’ reduces stress? Most of the time, we don’t think right about ourselves; therefore, we focus on the wrong activities with people who cannot elevate us to the next level and recognize our full potential. Self-confidence and stress management coaching will add years to your life and increase your livelihood.

I am excited to tell you that you are more than you realize. Even if you are at the top of your game, a Corporate CEO, or CEO of your own business, there is more.
Our God is a maximizing God. He will push and pull more out of you. Say “more” out loud. Repeat it. Do you want more? That is the real question.
To thrive in this place of more and use your unique gifts, talents, and personality, you must look out for these seven mistakes:
1. Thinking that God requires perfection and He is not pleased with you
2. Not taking the time for self-affirmation
3. Continuing to focus on past mistakes
4. Comparing yourself with others
5. Living to please others
6. Believing negative words spoken over or about you
7. Downplaying yourself for fear of standing out.
Yep, the 5th one is a doozy! When you live to please others, you put them above God and yourself. It’s a habit that you form over time that you can change.

I have found this connection between stress and self-confidence, a duo dilemma that I now see totally differently. The two go hand in hand. I can’t wait to continue to share more about how you can declare, “I am Confidently Me and Stress Free!”



Coach Michelle