Occupy in July

As a virtual life coach that specializes in helping Christian women increase their self confidence, I seek God to hear what He would like me to share with you  that will encourage you to stay confident in Him and your purpose. 
For July, I hear to tell you to ‘occupy’!

When Jesus said, “Occupy until I come,” in Luke 19:13 He was using this parable to instruct His followers to actively engage in their daily lives and carry out their responsibilities until His return. Unfortunately,  doubt, confusion, low self-esteem, poor communication and bad relationships often sideline us.

The term “occupy” here in the scripture can be understood as engaging in various activities, such as working, serving others, spreading the message of the Gospel, and living according to God’s principles. It suggests that believers should be proactive, diligent, and responsible while waiting for Jesus’ return. We can shine and be an example that we can do all things!

Essentially, Jesus encourages His followers to use their time, talents, and resources to further God’s kingdom on Earth, making a positive impact on society and sharing the good news with others. It conveys a message of faithfulness, stewardship, and purposeful living in the present while anticipating the future return of Jesus.
God has given you everything you need to become and do all He has created you to accomplish. But you must occupy it, fully engage, move in the space you are in with boldness and confidence. Whether in your occupation or business, ministry or family this is your time to press into your assignment with zeal and fervor.
We are only lacksidaisical when we believe our purpose doesnt matter. 
I coach because I know that is not true. We, the world, needs you in agreement of your importance and active. You cant do that if you dont think right about yourself and fully embrace your uniqueness.

Jeremiah 29:11 confirms that God has great plans and a bright future for you. Life coaching with me is used as a bridge to get you from the point you are to where you want to be and where God has ordained you to inhabit.

In July, Occupy! Refuse to be idle and take the initiative to move forward in your purpose.

Id love to meet with you in a virtual consultation to hear what obstacles you are trying to overcome to occupy your purpose.

Lets recalibrate negative thougts, reboot your confidence, reimagine your self and reimagine your life!

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Coach Michelle