Know Your Worth

Know Your Worth

Do you know your value or do you allow others to appraise your worth and measure the weight of your contribution? I have found that being happy with who you are and content with your calling will not allow you to second guess your qualifications and the quality of who you are even when you are enduring criticism.

As you think right about you, remember criticism should sharpen you and not cut you.. do not let wounds form when you receive negative feedback. Maintain your confidence and keep moving forward. Knowing your worth is understanding that you will not be everyone’s favorite flavor. You may be too sweet for some and the smoothness of you may cause others to be bitter. Accept that there is often a bittersweet taste associated with self-worth because you are no longer okay with a bland existence.

When you know who you are, you can be yourself anywhere you go.You can hold your head up high and expect the greatness you exude to make an impact.

I have worked with many clients who do not understand they must steward the ROI (return on investment)on the gifts God  placed in them. Let’s look at the value the of prosperous gifts in you in our next session. It’s important to know your worth!


Coach Michelle