Encouragement Encounter Groups on Zoom!

Bring a few friends and let’s discuss topics that affect your emotional and social wellness. I can help you work through personal conflict or provide training on how to improve in certain areas and sharpen skills that are vital to living a fulfilling life. Wellness groups via zoom are a great way to strengthen relationships, learn in a cooperative environment and encourage one another through mental wellness awareness sessions. Let me know the areas you would like to learn about with friends, family, or counterparts and we can work together!

Join me on zoom! Schedule a time with me and tell your friends.

Sessions are $78.88 per person and group sessions are 1 hour and 15 minutes. Minimum of 3 people, no more than 7 per group.

Contact me to find out more about additional expert guests joining our zoom group. We offer a discount if you book 3 additional sessions with your group.

Encouragement and education is only a zoom call away!

Encouragement Encounter-

You can pay for yourself or for your group.