Teen Coaching

We are excited to announce our Daughters of Day, Sons of Light Encouragement Coaching for Teens!

Do you have a teenager between the ages of 14-18 who needs encouragement, direction, or support with challenges in their social, persona,l, or educational life? We can help them by being a safe place of support and direction that will help them grow and develop in:

-Emotional Intelligence, Development and Health, Time Management, Goal Setting, Focus, Self-Confidence, Peer Pressure, Spiritual Growth, and Belief in their abilities. We can help them determine their Learning Styles, Multiple Intelligences, and how to Study and Read for Comprehension along with College Preparation.

We can also help them improve their Critical Thinking and Decision-Making Skills.

Our first consultation will be with the parents and then with the teenager. Michelle has experience working with young males and also has a 15 year old son. The Sons of Light Program is a great opportunity for young men to find their voice and excel along with our young ladies.

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