MIchelle Brown

Michelle is a well-trained, certified Mental Wellness Coach who understands the impact of mental wellness on living a more fulfilling life. Her Master’s Degree of Arts in Counseling has prepared her to therapeutically coach her clients and steer them in the right direction. She is certified in REBT Mindset Coaching and teaches evidence-based cognitive skills. In her career, she has worked in many sectors that have advanced her coaching skills, such as Human Resource Management, a Social Services Directorship in Foster Care, and Domestic Violence Counseling.

Michelle has endured a life-changing situation with her son being born at 25 weeks with several physical issues. Although he is healed now, she understands how unexpected crises and stressors can take a toll on emotional health without proper support systems. Michelle creates a supportive, reassuring, and informative atmosphere where you can be transparent about your concerns.

Michelle will help you sharpen your emotional intelligence and self-awareness, leading you to greater accountability, improved relationships, healthy thinking, and positive belief systems. In this coaching partnership, you will identify your self-sabotaging behaviors and self-imposed obstacles.

Mental Wellness Coaching will allow you to learn proactive and responsive behaviors that enhance your critical thinking and personal development skills, such as goal-setting, time-management, and communication effectiveness. You will experience self-empowerment at a new level and develop thinking strategies that will cause you to advance in your life. Coaching with Michelle will help you excel in purpose and create emotional balance while increasing self-love.

It’s time to get unstuck, reduce performance stress and anxiety while increasing your self-confidence. This partnership will support you in abolishing fear and finding the root causes of your insecurity.
What’s holding you back from living your best life? It’s time to find your groove and increase your gains.

Reboot Your Confidence.

Reimagine Yourself.