For Teens

Mental Wellness Coaching with teenagers is an increasing need, as evidenced by the rise in suicidal ideations, attempts, and the fact we are losing our young people at alarming rates. The isolation caused by the pandemic has not made normal teenage development an easy process. As parents, you have an opportunity to ensure your children are not using drastic methods as a coping skill in response to life’s challenges.

Mental Wellness Coaching will help your pre-teen/teenagers to develop self-esteem, individuality, critical thinking, decision making, and the leadership skills needed to embrace their uniqueness. Let’s help them to maintain their hope and confidence. I have a teenage son, so I am an observant, concerned mother as well.

Mental Wellness Coaching will also operate as a gauge to determine your child’s needs and if other interventions are necessary. I have successfully used behavioral intervention techniques with youth that has helped them to turn from negative behavioral and thought processes. We use the Four R Method. We meet with the referring parent to Recognize the issues, barriers your teenager is having or behaviors, attitudes, or the mindset they are exhibiting. Then we determine if we need to Refer them to any other services. We thoroughly vet all referral options. If a coaching partnership is appropriate, we Relate to your child by building a connection with active listening and discussion. Then we Restore their balance, hope, confidence, communication, and model healthy social adaptation.

The initial consultation is conducted in a joint session with the parent and potential client, and then there are two brief individual moments and a closeout meeting.