Welcome to my blog! I am very excited to share the insights and spiritual downloads that I receive from the Lord. As I work on my book, You are a Daughter of Day (November 2017) this blog will give us a chance to connect. I want to help encourage and equip you to develop your gift, maximize your time and potential as you become all God has created you to be!

My action word is Awaken. I am called to awaken you to the love of God, your identity in Him and your purpose on the earth.  A part of this awakening process is discovering your talents, gifts, aptitudes and past experiences while utilizing them to increase your effectiveness and influence. I want to awaken you to your unique voice.

I know a little bit about having a unique voice. My son was born without vocal chords and with a floppy voice box. He speaks in spite of this issue and to the amazement of his doctors.  He has a  unique voice and it is truly music my ears because I know the process, the belief  and the odds that he beat in order for him to have his ability to speak.

What experiences have you gone through and what obstacles have you had to overcome that have shaped your voice? What have you been created to say in this world? Even though most would think my son’s voice is extremely different, I realize that every voice, including yours, is unique and was created to be heard in your purpose.

I am also  Personal Development Life Coach. I consider myself a natural-born encourager and strategic listener, My goal is to empower women, of all ages, to reach their full potential in their personal, collegiate and/or professional lives. My passion is working with women who sense they are on the verge of greater things and are ready to emerge.  My heart is also connected to women who want to step out but have self-doubt and need encouragement to move forward.   Personal Development Life Coaching will help you to build up your confidence to identify the necessary steps to obtain success where you are and to be strategic about where you are going.

College/Career/Calling I can help you if you are in college and want to increase your success through learning and implementing college success skills and strategies. I also function as a College Achievement Facilitator.

We can also partner to identify a career, change careers or need direction on increasing your success in your current career. You may be at a place where you know there is more to you than your career and you want to seek out your personal calling and delve further into your purpose. In each of these phases of life, there are several issues that you may experience and want address through personal development and life coaching.

I have been afforded the opportunity to work as a college professor-teaching students how to be successful in college and beyond, a human resources/recruiting manager, crisis counselor with domestic violence survivors and as a leader in the social services/foster care industry.

I now combine these experiences with my Masters of Arts Degree in Counseling, Life Coach training and compassion to serve and support women in reaching their goals.

God asked me to use my life, as a vessel for Him, to help women utilize their full potential despite the obstacles they may have to overcome  and guess what? I said, “YES”!

I want to help you develop your unique voice in your purpose as a Daughter of Day.

Partner with me to:                 
Develop. Maximize. Become.

Let’s walk as Daughters of Day together—


Michelle Levon Brown