Apples to Oranges-The Bad Fruit of Comparisony

Apples to Oranges-The Bad Fruit of Comparison

As a women’s empowerment life coach, I have helped women stop comparing themselves to others. They were looking at where others were in their lives and judged their progress as not as good or inadequate.

It is easy to look at the fruits in someone else’s life and become bitter when you don’t feel your life is as sweet. Some even feel as though their lives would have been better if there was more low hanging fruit available to them. “Is God favoring others over me?” is a vexing, repetitive question.

Any time you compare yourself to someone else, you are basically comparing apples to oranges. You are looking at two completely different people and purposes and expecting one to be like the other. For example, apples are various shades from red to green, where oranges are orange without much variance. An orange can roll smoothly, where an apple has a little more friction and of course a little more fiber. Both are good for us with different benefits.

Its interesting that apples and oranges can both be juiced. We dont expect orange juice from an apple. Yet, we are not disappointed when that does not happen. However, we put ourselves down when our results are different than someone else’s. God is calling the orange to be an orange and you to be yourself.

He has placed seeds in you that will produce the right harvest in due season that will flourish and be appreciated. You must keep your focus  and trust Him for your directions and your process will put you exactly where you are called to be without disappointment. When you trust God you will never be put to shame. You will never desire someone else’s life more than your own.

Like these fruits, as women, life will squeeze us but we determine the juice we produce! Will you re-energize yourself and come back more refreshed with thankfulness for your survival? Or will you sulk and let competition suck all of your energy and focus?

Although we are similar as women, God has made us individually unique and He will supply all you need to be your best self! Stop measuring yourself with others but zone in on all that makes you special so your seeds will germinate and grow you into the incomparable woman you are called to be!


Coach Michelle