Do that

Often we focus on the areas of our life that are grueling. We constantly focus on what we need to do, the tasks we must accomplish, and the routine assignments of life that seem to be never-ending. I recently told a friend of mine that laundry is never finished because as soon as you celebrate your completion, another load somehow makes its way into the hamper. The process starts over once again. My point is that the tasks and responsibilities will always be there. There will always be something that you must do. What about the things that you enjoy doing? Have you done something today that made you smile?

Smiling is good for our mental wellness. When we participate in activities that cause us to grin, our perception of the day changes. It would be best to allow yourself time to do something you enjoy, something that makes you happy. Whatever that activity is…do that. Don’t deprive yourself of joy by focusing on all of your must-do’s each day. Set daily reminders that you must do something fun, relaxing, or enjoyable. Yes, the more you do for yourself that edifies and strengthens you for what is ahead, the more you think right about you!

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