Finish Line

Can you believe that 2020 is almost over? You may greet that statement with a sigh of relief or great anticipation. This year has been different and difficult but God has still been dependable and dynamic. He has allowed us to thrive in turbulent times. The thrive is being alive. What we used to take for granted we can no longer glance over but we must be ever mindful of our gratitude. Now is the time to reflect over the past year and what you are most appreciative for in your life. It is time to press towards the finish line with fervor and faith that the best is yet to come! There is still more for you to experience and accomplish. Before 2021 arrives you must remember that before every new beginning there must be a strong ending. Over the next five days, I want to encourage you to finish strong. Invite your friends to subscribe or share the posts with someone. God is still developing and raising a great army of those who are determined to focus on the reward that comes with running our course. It is most important that you stay in your lane and avoid distraction. God has wonderful things for you to focus on as you embrace that your future will be bright!

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