The Juxtaposition of July-Word of Prophetic Encouragement

July 2020 is a month that marks that halfway point of the year. A reminder of Romans 13:11, And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awaken out of sleep; for now is our salvation nearer than when we first believed. The end of 6 months of the year represents the awakening of man. God is awakening His people in a greater way to the generosity we need to have when it comes to Christ. He is calling us to share the power and necessity of Christ to those who have not yet surrendered their lives. This is the time where you must align with the movement of Christ as you see many new movements arise in the earth. He will show you how to connect and conquer good ground.

Good will lie right beside bad, as sheep are still mingling with wolves. The wheat and the tares are positioned very closely as the negative disguises itself as positive. Your eyes must be open to see how close polar opposites are appearing. Some will try to convince you that good is bad, but you must hold fast that God is working all things out for good even in the midst of chaos and confusion. You must stay rooted and grounded in the Word of God and begin to read it and know it for yourselves. This is the time where the jewel and the lie (July) run side by side. Search for the jewels of the Word and the treasures of the kingdom. Continue to make Matthew 6:33 your meditation and life assignment.

This is also the month where you will take new territory through unlikely means and wealth will begin to emerge through your redefining. New streams are flowing and God is going to show you the pieces that have been missing to complete certain projects. You must look up! There are blessings on the top shelf that have been out of your reach, but God is bringing them down to you. He is placing them in your hands as you commit your life to prayer. This is the month to remain diligent and consistent in your assigned pursuits.

This is the month of Jubilee! This is the month of beginnings. In the second half of the year you are coming out of any enslavement that has held you in bondage. Debt is being cancelled and you will owe no man anything but love! Keep devising the plan with God, and working the plan under His direction!

Psalm 3

Romans 8:28

Matthew 13:24-30

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