YEs, YOU may!

Word of Encouragement for May: Many of God’s daughters have been asking if it is okay for them to step out in certain areas of ministry and purpose. They have wondered about their authority in pursuing destiny in this new season that we are approaching. You have come to the Lord with humility and questioned, May I, Lord? May I stand in my purpose with confidence and courageousness? The word for May is simple, “Yes, Daughter, You May!” You have wondered if you can approach God with a new boldness in your time of need, not only for your necessities but for your desires, and the answer is “Yes, Daughter, You May.” As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. This is the time to bloom in His presence and in the courts of the Lord. It is here that you have the authority to veto defeat. Bloom, Daughter of Day, Bloom.

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