Hello, Daughter of Day!

Recently,  I heard this in my spirit, “Nothing can grow unless cultivated.” I began to meditate on the word cultivate. The two words that stood out to me were, “Dig and prepare.”

As you are seeking out your purpose, you have to dig deep within and prepare for the answers you receive to the questions that you must ask yourself.

It starts by asking yourself, Why am I here on earth? What are the gifts and talents I possess and how can they help me to answer the calling on my life?

Now I want to ask you, What do you feel called to do? Will you answer the call?

You must remember that you have a choice in the matter. If your phone is ringing, you must decide if you are going to answer or decline. Similarly, if you are going to cultivate your purpose, you must have the right ground, just as if you were growing a plant, flower, vegetables or fruit. God created you to be fruitful and to multiply. There is multiplication within you. First, you must add up your blessings, abilities, and gifts. Then you must subtract your fears so you can move into the preparation process.

During this meditation, I realized that many women throw dirt on their dreams and bury them.  So, they never move forward and progress. Dirt, in general, is not a suitable gardening medium.

When you throw D.I.R.T. on our dreams, you put your: Doubt, Insecurity, Regret, and Timidity at the forefront. Purpose cannot become a reality in negative space. You will never find your real existence if you throw dirt over it. Stop doubting yourself. It is time to deal with what makes you feel insecure. I pray for all of my clients to have a new boldness to arise in them so that the spirit of timidity will be cut off in their lives. It’s time to plant your purpose in soil. Good soil will give it the nutrients it needs to flourish.

When you have good soil you are: Secure in who you are, you are Opportunity-Focused. You take Initiative and Leverage every blessing the Lord has given you.

Don’t miss the opportunities to that are in front of you to flourish! Focus on the doors that are open to you instead of the ones that have closed. Shake off regret! It’s time to cultivate!!

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