Come Out of Your Comfort Zone


Every once in a while you should feel like a fish out of water! You should not become so comfortable in one place that you cannot thrive in another.

The good news is we are not fish! We have the opportunity to explore many different environments and opportunities without becoming stuck or stagnate. In order to do this, we must step out of our comfort zones. A comfort zone usually starts out as an uncomfortable place and then overtime we become acquainted and  get relaxed. Comfort zones can be attractive because we become superstars in an environment where we no longer have to develop our skills and abilities.   Comfort zones do not yield increase.  The comfort zone is a maintenance zone. Our comfort zone keep us from conquering new heights.

Don’t confuse comfort zone with mastery. Once you master something you will see the increase as you maintain and stay consistent. If you are in a place that is not bringing increase and excitement into your life, you may be in a comfort zone.

In a comfort zone, you know that you want more and that what you are doing is not working but you refuse to take the next step to enter into the new place. A comfort zone is a space that allows you to stay the same without any course correction. It allows you to ignore the unction of God to move forward to make impact in your life and in the lives of others. In this place of stagnancy, fears are never faced.

God is more concerned about your courage than your comfort. In Joshua 1:9, the Lord told Joshua, “Be strong and very courageous.” God is looking for extreme courage because He knows that stepping out into new territory is not an easy process. You cannot take the baggage of fear into a new territory. So you must carry courage and pack extra! Your heart will beat fast, your flesh will refuse but be obedient and follow the voice of the Lord into your zone of courage.

Step out of complacency into a new realm of challenges.

We should be comfortable starting at the ground level of a new thing. We should be okay being a rookie and learning something new.

What areas of life are you refusing to make change?

  1. Ask God for your first direction and your next step to leave your comfort zone?
  2. How will you maintain momentum after your first step?

Then declare, “I’m coming out!”

Coaching can help you come out of your comfort zone and into purpose and fulfillment. I’d love to partner with you in the process!



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