I Am at the Helm


Dear Daughter of Day,

I want to remind you that the Lord is at the helm of your life. When you make Him the captain of your life, you give Him the operating power to guide your journey.

I heard the Lord say, “I Am the captain of your ship and the sustainer of your destiny. I will not make sharp turns because I already know what is ahead. This will ensure smooth sailing.  Allow me to steer as I will not grab the wheel. I Am the captain, but you must commit to staying onboard with Me through the calm and rough waters. I will guide you to the shore of My promises and wonderful opportunities time and time again.”

Remember, God wants to guide and His Holy Spirit wants to ride beside you and show you the wonderful things to come. You are never alone. As you prepare to meet destiny, remember you need not sail alone. The captain is on board with you!


Dear Lord,

Show your daughters how to trust you to guide their destiny. When the rough waters come give them a peace and security to know that you know the route and the way that they take. Lead them and guide them and command peace to be still.


Luke 8:22

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