Lesson at a Lemonade Stand



Dear Daughter of Day,

I learned a great lesson simply by opening up my front door. A little boy stood there with bright eyes and a big smile. I recognized him because he lives down the street from me. He asked a serious, yet upbeat, question. “Hey, can you help me?” I immediately found myself ready to adhere to his request. “Sure, I can help you.” At this point, I had no idea what he wanted or needed but he asked for my help and something inside of me wanted to be an answer for him in that moment.

He informed me that he and his two siblings were having a lemonade stand and he needed me to buy some lemonade from them. “Lemonade is $1.00, Kool-Aid is .50.”

Wow, I thought to myself. What a simple request and what a quick buy-in on my part. He had asked me for help. He didn’t ask me to buy lemonade. He let me know that he needed me to help him by investing in what he was doing. Before I even knew what he wanted, I was in! He felt that I could help him and the trust and confidence he had to ask me made me feel good.

At that point, it was no longer about the lemonade but how I could be of service and support. Which got me to thinking. As a Daughter of Day, you should not be afraid to ask for help. There are people who are more than willing to help you just because you asked them. Buying that cup of lemonade made me feel good because I was able to offer him what he needed, help with a sale.

He was encouraged when I left. I saw hope in his eyes. After I walked to the stand and got my cup,  he ran off to ask for more help!


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