5 Questions to Quicken Your Business


This blog focuses on the Daughters of Day who want to rise up in their own businesses in 2017. Whether you are a current business owner or you are planning to start one this year, January is a time to embrace a fresh start to keep your progress going.

There are five questions you should ask yourself and answer as you move forward into 2017. Remember, the answers are important but they are only realized when you ask yourself momentum driven questions.

The first question you should ask yourself this month is:

Where do I want to go? Where do you want to see your business at the end of 2017? This translates into being aware of the goals that you want to set and achieve. Each short-term goal that you achieve will bring you closer to your overall destination. Make sure you to set specific, realistic goals that allow you to thrive and galvanize your opportunities. The best way to end up at your destination is to know exactly where it is that you want to go. Also, make sure that you attach time frames with your goals. Make sure to check out my Rule of T.H.U.M.B.B. for goal setting in the It’s Daytime post found here: https://daughterofday.com/2016/06/20/its-daytime

Next, it is important to ask yourself:

What do I need to know? Knowledge truly is power. What information is going to provide you with the directions needed to make your vision for the year a reality?  What knowledge can you gain from those who have already gone down the same path to the success you want to achieve? This is the time to become a researcher of information. Set aside time to study those you look up to in your business arena. Most successful people share the obstacles they have had to face and give a glimpse into the steps they took to get around them. Imagine the time you can save when you have an awareness of the types of problems you can expect and then prepare to avoid. Take advantage of opportunities to become a student and learn as much as you can.


Who is it I want to show? This question makes sure you hone in on your audience. Who are you reaching out to? Who needs to see your business and what you have to offer? Develop a profile of your ideal customer. Then identify the best way to reach out to them, i.e. social media, flyers, mailers etc.

The fourth critical question you should pose is:

What makes me a pro? Now that you have targeted your audience it is time to present your qualifications to them. What is it that makes you the best choice for the consumer? Sit down and think about all of your abilities, talents, experience and credibility? Develop this list and then determine how you will present it to the public. This audience should definitely include your ideal customer base. Make sure that your resume of experience is up to date. Is it time for you to upgrade your profile or credentials? Who are the people in your life who can validate these experiences? It is important to communicate what makes you stand-out above the rest. Make sure you have created a brand that is recognizable and consistent. Use your resources and connect with those professionals who specialize in branding and marketing.

Fifth and Final:

Am I causing things to move too slow? Have you set a timeline to complete goals and your implementation process? Have you established a productive pace to get things done? Are there areas where you need to move quicker? How long ago was your last major accomplishment or effective action?   It is important to find your activity rhythm so you develop a fruitful schedule of completed tasks.

Go, Know, Show, Pro and Not Too Slow! 

Father, I thank you for your daughters. I praise you for their purposes and the anointing for the industry that you have given into their hands. I thank you in advance for quickening their businesses. As they ask these questions, please give them the wisdom, the knowledge, and the understanding they need to launch and/or grow their businesses to bring you glory! Amen.

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