2017: A Time to Be You and Do What God Says Do


Jeremiah Chapter 1 and 2, 2 Corinthians 4:7, James 1:17, Psalm 31:19

Dear Daughter of Day,

2017 is your year to “Be You and Do What God Says Do!” It is a year to step out with boldness into your purpose and destiny.

In the Bible, the prophet Jeremiah is an example of someone who initially had doubts about his calling but bravely stepped into his purpose.  Jeremiah’s first response to his prophetic call was that he was too young to speak on behalf of the Lord to the people of Israel. God assured him that before he was born and formed in his mother’s womb He had chosen him to be a prophet to the nations. Jeremiah recognized God’s sovereignty but still responded with doubt because He did not understand who he was chosen to be in Him.

Jeremiah’s immediate response to God was, “When I am older, then I can speak for you.” God then spoke Jeremiah’s identity to him and touched his lips. He assured Jeremiah that He would put the words to speak in his mouth. Next, God told Jeremiah to stand up and be ready to speak to the people of Israel without fear.

Be obedient to speak forth the words God puts in your mouth.  Flesh and fear are the only things that will prevent you from operating in this type of obedience.  In 2017, you must meditate and live out 2 Timothy 1:7. Embrace the fact that God has not given you a spirit of fear or timidity but of power, of love and self-control.

When your ears are not clogged up with fear you can hear God clearly.  When you hear God speak to you about your destiny, do you bring up reasons as to why you can’t step out and do what He has purposed for you to do?

Maybe, like Jeremiah, you feel unprepared. You may have also developed a “when-then” approach to your own destiny. “When I know more scripture then I will minister to others.” “When I get my personal finances together then I will start my own business” “When I get this weight off then I will be more comfortable speaking in front of people.”

2017 is the season to begin to implement what you can do now to work towards your end goal.  So instead of waiting, do what you can do now. Minister to others from the scriptures that you do know. Start working on your personal finances, but also start reading about how to develop a business plan.  Build your confidence about your appearance. If you would feel increased confidence at a different weight engage in a healthier lifestyle that will promote weight loss.

In 2017, the conditions on your purpose must be removed and you must do something now! Do not wait for another time when things are different. It is time to move in a “Now faith.”

God in His sovereignty knows everything about you and the purpose He planned for you before you were in your mother’s womb still stands. If he has called you to be in the marketplace in Sales, then He knows you will be successful.

2017 is the year to ask God to put His words in your mouth, just like He promised to do with Jeremiah. What if you knew exactly what to say in the interview? What if you knew exactly what to say to that family member who is on the verge of suicide? What if you knew exactly what to say to the investor?

2017 is the time to mature in your obedience to God and step out in the areas of your strengths instead of focusing on your non-strengths. Find support systems to enhance your non-strengths. For example, networking in this season will help you to find others who can support you where you need more guidance or information.

God is calling you, like Jeremiah, to stand up and be ready this year. You must not worry about what other people think about what you say or do. It is important to be more concerned about not saying or doing what God says. If God asks you to share a scripture or a word of encouragement with someone, will you? If He asks you to share your expertise with someone else will you be open to sow this seed of knowledge into their life?

Control the selfish desire to keep your gift hidden and wrapped up inside. Unveil yourself in this next year and allow others to experience the hidden treasure that you have in your earthen vessel.

As you use the gifts that He has given you with diligence and focus, this is the year that they can be multiplied and strengthened. It is a year for more of the hidden talents and gifts you possess to be revealed and bring increase into your life.

This is the year to begin to implement the strategies and plans that will birth forth your destiny, now.

 Happy New Year!

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