BREAKING DOWN B.E.L.I.E.V.E.-Expectation


Last time we discussed the B in the acronym B.E.L.I.E.V.E. Now it is time to move to the first E. This E stands for Expectation. Expectation is what fuels belief!

When you decide what your roadmap will be on the path to what you are believing for, you must develop an expectation for the end result to come to pass in your life.

When we plan a trip to an unfamiliar place we have expectation that a map or GPS will give us the right directions to ensure that we end up at our desired destination. We expect that the end result will put us exactly where we want to go. When you are believing for something to happen in your life, you must also expect that it will happen.

What are you expecting? Are you expecting to arrive at the place of satisfaction, prosperity, and/or dreams fulfilled?

The Bible is what I base my personal belief system on. I believe in what the Bible says and the promises it says I can have in my life. My belief in the Bible is great but I must also couple my belief with an expectation. I must expect what I am believing for in my life to come to pass.

Our expectation increases our motivation because we believe that the steps we are taking to bring our dreams and goals to pass have purpose. We don’t think that these actions are in vain because we expect them to lead up to our point of completion.

In order to have an expectation for good things to happen to you, there must also be a strong sense of self-worth. If you have place a high value on yourself you will not struggle with have expectations for good things to happen to you because you believe that you are worthy of receiving.

There is no need to believe in what you are not expecting to happen.

Think about what you are believing for in your life. Is it a new job, to get married or to move to another city? Now, rate your level of expectation for this to actually happen on a scale of 1-10. What is your level of expectation?

If you rated your level of expectation below a 7 now is a good time to begin to process why your expectation isn’t higher. Are there obstacles that you see in your way that you do not believe can move? Do you need to develop a better plan?

Increased expectation will increase your follow through and enhance your excitement as you believe for better things!






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