Breaking Down B.E.L.I.E.V.E.


Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe in your dreams?

There is power in believing. Believing is an active process and not a passive cliché. There are steps in the believing process that make will make the process more effective with greater results. Let’s break down the word, Believe, to determine each letter represents a necessary action. In the spirit of a little Sesame Street nostalgia, today’s letter is B.

In order to believe effectively, you must first have a belief system. What do I mean? You must believe in two things: First, you must believe in something bigger than yourself and you must have a belief system. A system that governs your beliefs and gives you the hope to stay the course until what you are believing for comes to pass.

If you are the biggest person or entity in your life than you are limiting yourself to what you can accomplish. When the difficult moments come, (and they will), who will you depend on other than yourself.

Your belief system will keep you from giving up because you are guided by principles that you can hold onto and meditate on.

My bigger person is God and my belief system is the Bible. I trust Him to guide me and handle what I cannot. I go to Him for guidance, direction, and confirmation. The Bible is a handbook of promises and possibilities that belong to me as His child. It keeps my belief that I was created with a purpose to achieve the dreams, I feel He has placed inside of me alive and fresh!

Another important  B in the process is breath! As long as you have breath believe that all things are possible.

Stay tuned for the next letter-E, Expectation.

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