Release the Sound!


There is a sound in heaven that is being released. This sound will hit the earth realm and will unlock your harvest on earth. November is a month of “the fruit”. The fruit of your labor will begin to push through the ground where you have prayed and sown seeds of kindness. The earth will respond to the call of God to release that which has been stored up for you in this season. It is the last harvest of the year. It is the final sound that will take you into the next year. There will be enough from this harvest to you to feast upon into the year of 2017.

As the Spirit of the Lord blows this spiritual horn you will feel the wind of His presence. All previous chaos, distraction, and disorder will be blown into order as He sets up something new. Decree and declare, “Let the wind blow in!” “Let the wind blow in!” Be prepared. Some of the things you have wanted to control will be disturbed. You will not be able to continue with the status quo in your life. It is important to understand that your status is increasing in the kingdom. This wind will give you a new place in the spiritual realm. So let the wind blow through your hair and rejoice!

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