It is Worth the Climb



Dear Daughter of Day,

Goal setting is an important part of the journey to your success. Goals are the road map to your final destination. Written goals will outline what you plan to do and how you plan to achieve them. An effective goal gives an end date along with specific steps that you will take along the way. It is the end date that turns a wish or hope into a solidified goal.

Any good goal setter will expect and prepare for the obstacles to arise. The key word here is “when”. Anytime you set a goal you should expect obstacles to emerge.

Obstacles will do the following:

Obstacles will be a tell-tale sign that you are on the right track. I am a firm believer that when you take the relevant road to your destiny you will encounter resistance. Resistance training is a form of training that strengthens your muscles by working against them so that they develop. Success also requires resistance training. You must determine how to use the resistance to strengthen you and not discourage you.

Obstacles will also let you know how much you want to achieve the goal you have set. If when the first obstacle arises as you are on your journey of goal completion, you quit and give up, the goal was not that important to you. It was not important enough to you for you to find an offensive strategy to get around the obstacles. At this point, you may want to question your motivation for achieving the goal and determine if it was an internal desire or from an external source.

Are there going to be some obstinate obstacles? I am sure there are situations where this may be the case and in that situation, it will be important to be creative and find out how much of the goal you can salvage or combine with another goal that is similar and just as satisfying.

Quitting is different from taking a break to reevaluate and re-calibrate your path to success. Quitting is sitting down on an idea and planning to never get up again. So if you must, take a rest, catch your breath but while you are sitting make sure you are thinking and devising another plan! When you get up, arise with a new determination.

I hear the Lord saying, “Some of My daughters are not resisting the obstacles but instead they are fighting against themselves. I give them a thought that can unlock their destiny and they choose to disregard it. It is time for My daughters to stop the internal fight and believe that I have a wonderful and beautiful destiny planned for them. Remember dear daughter, what is at the top of the mountain must be worth the climb.”











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