Dear Daughter of Day,

Whatever you are going through–trust God! It is a process for some but the more you practice trusting Him the easier it will become for you. I want to share some practical steps to increase your trust in God as you face difficult situations. I tend to receive information from God in acronyms and I have a simple one to share with you to help you increase your faith and trust in God.


T-Tell God the Problem-God wants to hear from you. He wants to be included in every problem that you face. He has all of the answers but He wants you to ask Him the questions so that He can lead you in the right direction. When you take the time to include Him through prayer and dialogue it lets Him know that you want Him involved. Once you tell God the problem let Him lead you to the people who He may want you to further discuss the situation with, if necessary. It is important that you do not get ahead of God and share the issue with everyone else but Him.  Communicating what has you concerned or worried is a must in the trust process. Communication is what builds your relationship with God. God wants to hear from you all the time. Make sure to communicate with Him every day, not just when you have a problem. But remember, He can handle your problems and He wants to hear from you so that He can lead you to resolve.

R-Reflect and Rest in His Promises-What does the Bible say about the problem you are facing? Find a scripture/scriptures that communicate His heart and His promises to you in His Word. For example, if it is healing that you need you can meditate on Isaiah 53:5. You can reflect on how Jesus died on the cross for you so that you can walk in wholeness and health.  While you are reflecting and meditating on the scriptures begin to recite them out loud. God already knows what His Word says but your verbal recitation will build up your faith and confidence in His ability to deliver you. When you fill up your mind with relevant scriptures that pertain to your situation, you prevent the spirit of worry from taking root in your heart. Trust eradicates worry.

U-Usher in His Presence Through Worship-Worship is an act of acknowledging of God’s love for you and your love for Him. Worship puts you in submission to His power and solidifies your adoration for who He is. When you worship God you exalt Him over every situation and you submit yourself to His reign. It is a way of letting God know He is above everything else in your life. Your worship is a call to God to come to where you are and be with you. The more time you spend in His presence the bigger He becomes and the smaller your problems become in your life. Once you encounter the “big-ness” of God, it will be hard for anything to move from the place of trusting God. Trust is the confidence in who God is and what He can do!

S-Stand Firm in Your Expectation-Stand firm in your faith and expectation that God will come through for you. Do not become distracted by the problem focus on your faith and trust in God. When you love God you can be confident that He will complete Romans 8:28 in your life. He will cause every detail in your life, to work together with your love for Him, to turn into something good.

T-Thank Him in Advance-A very powerful part of T.R.U.S.T. is thanking God in advance for what you believe He is going to do on your behalf. You are thanking Him for being a trustworthy God who loves you. Thank Him for hearing your prayers and for leading and guiding you in the process as you stand firm in your faith and expectation.

Trust Him!

Scriptures for Meditation: Psalm 56:3, Proverbs 3:5-6, Psalm 9:10

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