It’s Daytime!


Dear Daughter of Day,

I feel impressed to let you know that it is daytime! This is the time when the sun is shining and everything that was once covered in darkness becomes light again and visible. God is ready to increase your visibility in this season. He is ready to expose you to the world. He is ready to expose and display what He has put on the inside of for this time in your life. He is calling you away from cowering down and covering up who you really are.

Although there have been many storms and you have overcome many obstacles, the cloak of covering yourself from the rain is no longer needed. Release yourself to walk out your destiny. Daytime is a time when you live in your true calling and purpose, covered and protected by the Lord. Believe that He has you covered in this season under the spiritual umbrella of His protection. Do not worry if you will be received by others but instead receive this season of light.

3 Tips for Daytime:

1.Seek God and ask Him to give you three things you should focus on accomplishing in the next 3 months

2. Maximize your progress by focusing your time in these areas and manage your time wisely. Complete essential projects in 40-45 minute time blocks.

3. Stay away from those people, things, thoughts or memories that cause you to focus on your night seasons. Night seasons are the times when things were rough. Reaching your goals was unattainable because the issues of life got in the way and blocked your visibility to see your next step in the process of goal accomplishment.

Setting Goals-Setting goals will help you to be in control of your time. This way you will you know what you want to accomplish. Use my goal setting Rule of T.H.U.M.B.B.©  to help you set effective goals. Make sure your goals are:

Time Sensitive, Honest, Unwavering, Measurable, Beneficial, Balanced

First, it is important to note that all goals MUST be written down or they are just a hope. To follow the Rule of T.H.U.M.B.B.© make sure your goals have a time/date of completion. Make sure that you are honest about the goal that you are setting. Is this a goal that is true to your desires, beliefs, values and priorities? Is this goal something that you honestly want to achieve? You should also be unwavering in accomplishing the goal that you set. Make sure that you have the determination and resolve to overcome the obstacles that will, without a doubt, show up along the way. You must expect obstacles and be prepared to get around them. Your goal should be measurable and specific so that you will be able to determine that the goal has been met.Making sure the goal is specific and measurable holds you accountable. Finally, the goal should be beneficial for you and your purpose and promote balance in your life.

This is the time to develop your plan to utilize your gifts to shine for the kingdom of God. The best time to get things accomplished and achieve goals is…Daytime!

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